The 8 Simple Rules

Stacey Hallal
2 min readJun 2, 2021


Here are my 8 Rules of Self-Care.

I have set these rules based on where I am now in each of these areas, and making on the slightest changes to start.


I have been chronically sleep deprived for…forever maybe? I have never had healthy sleep habits. If you have kids or are a performing or touring artist, or are most people, it’s likely you are sleep deprived, too. I’ll go into more about sleep later.

1.Go to bed between 10pm–11pm on weeknights, and 11pm-12am on weekends.

2. Wake up between 7am-8am on weekdays, and 8am-9am on weekends.


I know I know I know I know how important water is. WHY is it so HARD for me to actually drink it all day? More about water in detail to come.

3. Drink 40–80oz of water daily (starting with minimum 40oz)


Again, this seems obvious and probably “should” be easier than it is.

4. Take prescription medications on time and supplements, minimize OTC Advil and Tylenol


This topic is a doozy. I love exercise. I alternate between not making time and trying to do way too much. Starting very realistic and planning tiny incremental changes.

5. Walk 30 min/8000 steps, plus 5 minutes strength training, row, or extra walking


The biggest question of them all. What does eating well mean? For this rule, I am also starting with small changes.

6. Eat only whole foods. Eliminate processed food and sugar treats.


Trying to calm myself and ground myself is new to me. I’m only asking myself to do 5 min to start.

7. Take time for two stress reducing activities. 5min minimum. Bath, message chair, dog cuddling, human cuddling, meditating, etc.


My accountability tool and record of my progress. I am committed to do this, even if it’s a bit clunkier than I would like as I form the habit!

8. Wear Fitbit, post in blog daily.



Stacey Hallal

Stacey is a marketing consultant, theater manager, and comedy creator in Portland, Oregon.