Check In Thursday, June 3

Stacey Hallal
2 min readJun 4, 2021


7/8 Score Today!

Today I crashed from how busy I’ve been the past couple weeks. It was actually harder to follow my rules than when I was busy. I didn’t want to do ANYTHING today. I still need to think about whether or not I’m going to give myself off days. Probably better to have some official free passes than just be sloppy about when I do or don’t follow the rules. Make rules about when I am allowed not to follow the rules? Rules rules rules.

It’s late, so, I definitely skipped rule #2. I should be in bed right now. I feel punchy!

I DID get up on time this morning! Feels great. I’m not struggling to do it. Seems like it’s working out as a good thing for me. Rule #1.

This was a day off since I worked through the past two weekends. We went to the river to a little spot that Jon found. Brought the dogs. Waded in the very cold water. Arlo swam more than Stanley. We were surprised! It was very cute. Hopping in my message chair after I publish this. That’s my stress reducers accomplished.

Stanley (my dog!) also had his 3rd seizure this week. Looks like he’s officially epileptic. It’s a super bummer. Not working today means I’m feeling these feelings. Without ice cream. What injustice is this?!?!?

Anyway — we also went to Happy Valley park and got in a nice walk. Dogs got to play. Best day for dogs. Not a bad day for us, depite our obvious weariness.

I’ve eaten well. I’ve been having chia pudding breakfasts, big lunches, and smoothies for dinner and not eating after dinner. Feels good.

I found my big water bottle, but am behind on water. Going to guzzle until bed. I’ll have to get up and pee but at least I will have hit my goal!

Medication on track. Blogging now. Check!



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