Check In Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Stacey Hallal
2 min readJun 6, 2021

I have not been feeling good. Freaking migraines. Freaking suck.

Still, I woke up this morning before 9am. Truth be told, I did linger in bed for quite awhile. Luxuriously. I needed it. Lots of stress free activities today.

Overall, I’ve taken a very lazy day. No work for work. No work on the house. Nice trip to the nursery with Jon to get some plants for the house. I love plant nurseries and hothouses. They remind me of my mom. She used to take me with her to buy big beautiful plants to hang in the yellow and orange macrame hangers she made herself. I love the smell and humidity of air thick with plant breath.

My grandmother always had tons and tons of plants, too. She had a big wrought iron plant holding contraption in the window. I wonder if my grandfather made it? He made the post our mailbox stood on and a bench that I always wanted but was thrown away when my mom sold her house because it was too rusted. “Too many plants,” my mother always said as we left my grandmother’s house. And yet, she still inherited her plant lover’s genes.


I got my 8000 steps. I drank tons of water. Took my medications. I even made my OWN chia pudding today inspired by Methodology. These seem like something I could make for myself weekly and save a lot of money. Eating well going okay.

The hardest thing is sticking to my bedtime. And when I don’t, I definitely feel it. Should head there now.



Stacey Hallal

Stacey is a marketing consultant, theater manager, and comedy creator in Portland, Oregon.