Stacey Hallal
2 min readJun 8, 2021

Check In Monday, June 7, 2021


Today I almost fell off the wagon completely. I was busy all day with the dentist and prepping for the company meeting tonight. I was tired from waking up before I got enough sleep. My head was killing me.

But then, I was remembering in Atomic Habits when he says you can have one bad day but you need to make sure it’s not two in a row.

So, at 9pm, I got on the desk treadmill and I walked for an hour. And, it made me feel better than I have felt all day. I need to remember to walk when I feel groggy and foggy to see if it helps before giving in to it. It seems impossible that waking will make me feel better when I feel like that — but it can and it did today. Lovely.

Today, I got up and am going to bed on time. #1 and #2.

I ate well but feel like I ate a lot. I think I was looking for energy through food and felt hungry all day. Oh, and I forget how when I have to take a lot of gummy for my head I get hungry. Anyone know ways to fight weed hunger?!?!?

I fear that I’m going to have to track what I eat and set calorie goals eventually. I hate that shit! It’s just so time consuming.

Water has been going really well. All I have to do is fill that water bottle! I think when I up the goal I just need to make a habit of filling the bottle once when I wake up and again at lunch.

I’m blogging now. I sat in my massage chair and cuddled Stanley for a long time.

What am I forgetting? Oh! Medications. Took those on time though yesterday I flipped the order so I need to get them back on schedule.

I was writing today off, but it’s out to be a good solid day in the end!

I must remember that sometimes, when I’m beating myself up and staring down a negative self-talk and shame spiral, I might actually be doing way better than I think I am! Without the blog to motivate me, and hold me accountable, I might not have figured that out.

Woohoo and good night.

Stacey Hallal

Stacey is a marketing consultant, theater manager, and comedy creator in Portland, Oregon.