Check In Friday, June 4, 2021

Stacey Hallal
2 min readJun 5, 2021


Woke up late because I went to bed late. Soooo, of course, breaking one rule leads to another…

But, it was worth it. Last night, Jon and I watched Bo Burnham’s special and just had a nice evening together after two weeks with no weekend breaks. But it was so late when we went to bed, I got up at 7 but then at 8 or 9 fell back asleep. I was weepy which I think was from being tired, but also from adjusting my eating and everything even a little. Boy, my body HATES change. Even GOOD change. It makes it so hard to start new habits when instead of immediate gratification of physically feeling better, I always have to feel worse for about two weeks first. Very frustrating.

Going to be now right after I post this, though, so for today: Rule #1, get up on time? No. But rule #2, bedtime, yes.

Water water I’m drinking all the water! I drank at least one water bottle (40oz) but would really like to start pushing that up next week.

Taking my medication at the right times and eating well. Definitely chilled out for the evening. Watched a movie with Jon. Cuddled Stanley and Arlo who both got baths yesterday so they were nice and clean and soft.

I have had a bad headache week which culminated in a brutal one this afternoon. I was also craving some kind of sugar treat in a massive way. My body was using my brain to negotiate how my rules should include some room for treats even though I’m only on day 5! I have said to myself, that if I need to, I can opt to have a treat on the 15th. That helped me resist today — knowing I could look forward to something special in less than two weeks.

I think how much I was thinking about it definitely reminded me of when I quit smoking — like, it sounded more like the voice of an addiction and not like the voice of healthy moderation. I wonder if the extra bad headache is also my body adjusting to my only whole foods diet this week? Could be. Could not be, too. Could be the same thing caused the headache and the craving. Could be the headache cause the cravings because I ate more CBD gummy today. Also, headaches make my body crave something to nake it feel better for comfort or endorphins or both.

Got my walk in with the dogs. Jon came with us. It was a lovely summer evening walk. We found a dog and he joined our pack on the walk and then his owner drove up just as we were taking photos to post around. His name is Angus and he was real cute.

Blogging right now. Done now. Going to bed. Night!



Stacey Hallal

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