Check in for May 31, 2021

Stacey Hallal
2 min readJun 2, 2021


Full report on Day #1–

Not a bad start! 7/8 for following the rules.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed and who let me know they are interested in joining in some way! I’m very excited to have folks to share this process! I posted the rules that I set for myself in a separate post. I’ll go into each of them separately in the future, but for now, these are the bullet points.

1.Go to bed between 10pm–11pm on weeknights, and 11pm-12am on weekends.

Last night, I went to bed at midnight. I’m already wondering how realistic 11pm is, but I will stick to each rule for two weeks, then reconsider. There was still a feeling of improvement, because I definitely would have been up until 2 or 3 last night if I didn’t already feel like I was an hour late to bed.

2. Wake up between 7am-8am on weekdays, and 8am-9am on weekends.

I did wake up as planning yesterday. I was awake a 7:45 and got out of bed at 8:13am. I showered first thing, and think that’s the way to go. I usually wait until after I exercise, but I think it starts off the day totally differently to do it first thing.

3. Drink 40–80oz of water daily (starting with minimum 40oz)

I drank so much water yesterday! I’m pretty sure I hit 80oz. I had to pee a whole lot.

4. Take prescription medications on time and supplements, minimize OTC Advil and Tylenol

This was all good yesterday. I feel like taking my thyroid medication at night instead of in the morning makes a difference as long as I don’t eat anything after 9pm.

5. Walk 30 min/8000 steps, plus 5 minutes strength training, row, or extra walking

Check! Got extra steps in, too. Not so many that I feel exhausted.

6. Eat only whole foods. Eliminate processed food and sugar treats.

Using Green Chef and Methodology is helping with this. The meals are delicious and pretty and feel like a special treat in and of themselves.

7. Take time for two stress reducing activities. 5min minimum. Bath, message chair, dog cuddling, human cuddling, meditating, etc.

Got on the massage chair and cuddles the dogs!

8. Wear Fitbit, post in blog daily.

Doing both right now!



Stacey Hallal

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