Check in for June 1 & 2

Stacey Hallal
3 min readJun 3, 2021

The past two days have been really extra busy AND bad headache days. BUT — both days I hit all 8 goals! I decided on check in for today as well as yesterday. I have already learned it will be easier to update at the end of the same day instead of trying to remember the previous day. I am also very much enjoying the writing and reflecting as a wind-down before bed.

I’m a little happy that I had at maximum-level busy, stressed, and headachy few days right at the top of this project. I have the most passion and commitment for a thing at the beginning (doesn’t everyone?). But being fresh and new to it all, I had the strength to make it work and proved to myself I CAN work in my goals even when I think it might be impossible. It also showed me that starting with smaller goals and succeeding is so much better emotionally and motivationally than trying to accomplish impossibly big goals too fast and failing. I couldn’t have done anything more today.

Even though I really enjoyed all the work I’ve been so busy with these past couple of days, I think better planning to avoid crunches like this will also be super helpful to making more space for self-care, especially when I start upping the time for things like exercise or doing more meal planning and prep for myself.

Today, I was up by 7:30am and 7:45am yesterday. Ate great healthy food — chia pudding with fruit and lavender (from Methodology) for breakfast both days. I had chicken salad wrap for lunch, a Green Chef meal for lunch yesterday. I think Jon described it as “Sloppy Joe’s in a salad.” Tonight he made me a light dinner with a little grilled chicken and corn on the cob. Yesterday was just a protein shake at dinnertime. Methodology also included protein peanut butter balls in this week’s delivery. Those have been hitting the spot when I need a post meal little something. Lots of fiber and protein in them, and sweetened with dates, so they count as food to me! I think I will need some kind of super healthy treat-like option (like those) on hand to make this work long term. It’s that after-a-meal-craving for something sweet that’s so hard to fight for me. I’m wondering if my insulin response is so very sensitive, that I crave something sugary as a reaction. If so, maybe that desire will lesson if I stick to whole foods and avoid sugary, processed treats? Maybe by balancing out my blood sugar? It’s a thought. Maybe even a hope…

I couldn’t do my walk (with the dogs) this morning because I had to meet a deadline for video editing. I did, however, make the time to row for 5 minutes before I got to work. I rowed hard. It felt good — and I felt it in my body today. Then this evening when everything else had settled, Jon and I walked the dogs in the cooler weather. It was lovely. Knowing I was going to have to blog motivated me! Don’t know if I would have conjured the energy otherwise. Walked 35 minutes and certainly hit 8000 steps, but Fitbit battery died on my walk. Jon can vouch for those of you who need evidence. I hope his testimony counts.

I misplaced my waterbottle this morning. BUT — I am sure I got at least 40oz if not 60–80 today. I always run dehydrated and I am so curious to see how I might feel better if I actually get hydrated. I heard it’s hard for the body to fully rehydrate and takes some time. I’m trying to drink water constantly. I should look into this info a little more in depth tomorrow.

Stresswise — I sat in my message chair for 5 minutes and had a hair appointment yesterday. I love getting my hair done. It’s such pampering to me to have someone wash and touch my hair. Today, dog cuddles and message chair time. I also laid on my couch and watched Rupaul’s Drag Race seaon 2 the rocker episode. Bonus relaxation move!

Going to bed now to meet my bedtime rule. Went to bed so early yesterday it was awesome. Other than the headaches, my mood and energy were good most of the day today. I LOVE waking up early — when I can do it, which is every day if I really want to, right?!?!?! ❤



Stacey Hallal

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